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Reading and Comprehension :

Reading and Comprehension Our reading/comprehension instruction is based on these facts:
  • Good readers are aware of their own thought processes.
  • Reading as well as comprehending is an art.
  • The subject involves logical analysis. LOGICAL ANALYSIS is the main skill that your child will acquire ONLY through practice and with the direct coaching. Your child will practice reading interesting passages in an array of subjects, focusing on key points and comprehending the entire subject.
Our tutors in the reading program will help your child improve dramatically in reading and vocabulary. This is possible if your child attends two sessions per week. Children who are given this kind of support become more proficient readers.

Writing Skills :

Writing Skills Writing is very important for success in all careers nowadays. Even the simplest of jobs now requires submitting daily reports. So your child should begin to acquire good writing skills. In schools, teachers don't have the time to work one-on-one with students due to large class sizes. If a child can read well, but is unable to perform the tasks during test, they will lose out on achieving high scores. Writing contributes to growth in phonics, spelling, word recognition, memory, and reading comprehension, as well as drafting, revising and editing.
Investing in the writing program for your child will have both short and long term payoffs. Our highly effective writing program emphasizes writing composition and language arts. Our tutors are always developing a structured individual program for your child to excel in writing. Your child will have substantial monitored practice in writing sentences, paragraphs, and essays. They will also practice proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar while learning how to increase focus and concentration while writing.

Mathematics Facts :

Mathematics Facts -Is your child suffering with the phobia of calculations?
-Is math a challenge in the classroom?
Our experts in math will help your child understand the basic math formulas through computational and problem solving skills. We will prepare your child to face quizzes and tests with confidence. Our higher level math programs in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus and AP Statistics will help your children solve the complex math problems with ease thus helping them achieve higher scores in their academic tests. These classes will help children from middle school to high school.

English Language Learners :

English Language Learners We offer English language instruction to students whose first language is something other than English. English Language Learners have difficulty with pronunciation, vocabulary, writing skills and formation of sentence structures. "Language interference" is due to the influence of one's native language. In addition, students who know the concepts in their native language but do not yet know the English words for the concepts will get the extra support from our tutors. Most of our tutors speak more than one language, so are very well equipped to teach your child how to overcome the challenges that are associated with learning a new language and a new culture. Through real-life examples, they will understand and remember concepts for years to come.

End Of Grade(EOG) / End of Course (EOC) :

End Of Grade(EOG) / End of Course (EOC) Many students and parents are concerned about preparation for EOG/EOC. WHY?
Because the outcome will be a determining factor for timely high school graduation. We help prepare your child to achieve high scores in NC End of Grade Testing program, which will measure your child's progress in Reading (3 - 8 grades), Math (3 - 8 grades), Science (5 & 8) and High School End-of-Course tests (9 - 12 grades).

We provide your child with academic preparation, test-taking strategies and practice tests using workbooks to reflect the Common Core standards recently adopted by North Carolina. Our workbooks cover all the curriculum standards taught in North Carolina.