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Middle School

Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) :

Middle school is a time that students begin to accelerate in certain subjects. It can be futile to leave them in a class that they are not learning as fast as they need to or that they understand already and thus, act out in class.

The tutors at A Plus Tutor USA can prepare students to go through Wake County’s SSA testing and move forward to the next grade level for a specific subject.

Common Core Math :

Wake County Schools have moved from subjected math courses, such as Algebra I,Algebra II, Geometry to common core math I, II and III, which could combine material and be more difficult for students to learn. This can be particularly difficult for parents because they were not taught in this structure and thus, struggle to help their students.

We offer a variety of common core math I, II and III tutors at A Plus Tutor USA, no matter what level the student is studying.

English Requirement :

English can be a difficult topic for student with a more analytical mind who prefer numbers and specific methods to solving problems. These students can struggle to grasp symbols, writing styles and more in English class.

Despite the grade, we help students grasp the concepts being taught in their English classes with our highly qualified English tutors.

End of Course Preparation :

In Wake County Public School System, all parents understand that there is either EOG (End of Grade) Testing or EOC (End of Course) Testing. For Middle School students who struggle with preparing for test, our tutors at A Plus Tutor USA will help them learn to study, manage their time, and ace those EOC tests.