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Science :

The Important thing is to never stop Questioning.

-- Albert Einstein
Science Science can't be understood through memorizing concepts. Our aim of science tutoring is to help strengthen student's knowledge of the concepts they are learning in school, thereby attaining high scores and increase the desire to learn more. As a result of our science tutoring program, our students develop critical thinking and reasoning skills of science.

Many students - and parents - find science complicated and confusing. They also feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Our tutors can help break science down for students and work through the curriculum at a pace with which they are comfortable. Enabling students to overcome their frustration and build confidence for success in their exams and assessment is a tangible goal.

Our tutors are committed to taking the stress out of science and making science an enjoyable subject so that students can progress. We work with our students for short periods for specific difficulties as well as for long- term regular support.
We offer special programs for the subjects of chemistry, physics, biology, earth science and more.


PSAT/SAT/PLAN/ACT Test Prep Most of the students panic today about their SAT/ACT scores. We know how stressful the college application process can be for both students and parents. Competition for college admission is fierce, and PSAT/SAT/PLAN/ACT requirements are higher than ever. Your SAT/ACT scores may be the determining factor in admission decisions - possibly even more important than a hard-earned GPA. Finding the expertise you need to navigate through the PSAT/SAT/PLAN/ACT process can also be challenging.

We provide personal attention, expert instruction, and use proven techniques and strategies to help you maximize your PSAT/SAT/PLAN/ACT performance.

Classes are kept small (1:3 students) to ensure the individualized attention we think they need and deserve. We provide Up-to-date course materials, each student receives extensive preparatory materials including thoroughly-researched hand outs. And the most important fact is that we listen to your child and discuss this with them.

It is very important to gain a wealth of practice & exposure. The best instruction can be of great help to the student at this time. Our course is loaded with really helpful strategies that will add up to large score gains for your child. Let us help prepare them for increased success.